Organic Farm
Santa Margherita

The guests can find a lot of types of green salad, tomatoes, peas, pumpkins and eggplant.
Villa Santa Margherita is an Organic Farm. It is immersed in the suggestive hilly countryside of south-east Sicily, surrounded by vineyards and ancient olive groves, surrounded by colourful fruit trees and fragrant flowery fields. All vegetables, fruits and olives have an Organic Sertificate. The Farm uses only organic fertilizer from compost.

Rosemary, sage, mint, thyme, savoury, marjoram, lavender, basil, parsley, lemongrass and oregano grow all year round in the aromatic garden with their use in the kitchen and home.

Flowers surround the gardens naturally. All around it is possible to find rose gardens that embellish the corners of the countryside.

Also the garden is full of oranges, lemons, cedars, grapefruits, bitter oranges, mandarins, but also pears, pomegranates, plums and figs.

The Garden is a pleasant place where you can have breakfast, lunch, enjoy the sunset and the scents of the countryside while sipping a good glass of wine.
Olive Oil Santa Margherita

September is the time to harvest olives. Here Tonda Iblea is cultivated - an autochthonous cultivar typical for eastern Sicily which, after the harvest, gives the green gold of our land: extra virgin olive oil. The oil has a set of typically Sicilian flavours and a rather intense olive fruitiness. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil " Santa Margherita" has a bouquet of very varied hints such as tomato, almond, artichoke, cut grass and aromatic herbs. The taste is very harmonious and sees the presence of mainly sweet and spicy, while the bitter notes are very light.

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Villa Santa Margherita
C.da Santa Margherita 39
Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG) Sicily

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